Benefits of video animation during employee onboarding

Starting a new job can be intimidating for a new member of your team. No matter the industry or company size, a successful employee onboarding has three elements:


You already established that the new employee is a good fit with your culture, but now it’s time to make him feel welcomed and integrate him with the team. Set up the basis for long-lasting and valuable relationships with his colleagues and managers.


Give them the tour of the organization. Introduce them to key people and provide all the required knowledge and necessary tools to do their job well.


Allow newcomers to learn all there is about the organization and identify with it: structure, vision, mission, goals, current projects and general approach to work.

So how can you make this process easier for them? Onboarding videos can serve as a quick intro into the company history, culture, values and more.

But what sets them apart and why are they so efficient? Let’s deep dive into the benefits of video animation in the employee onboarding process.

Why choose video for your onboarding process?

There’s a reason why video remains the second most valuable way to reach your audiences according to the annual Nielsen Marketing Report of 2019. Video captivates, sends the message, engages and grabs the new hire’s attention.

People generally retain about 95% of the information transmitted through video as compared to just 10% of that transmitted through text. More than that, animated videos allow you to personalize the information to perfectly match your internal company brand.

This way new employees learn the visual patterns of your company’s brand and easily remember much more of the onboarding information.

Video saves time

Not only yours but that of the managers as well. When all the onboarding information is structured in videos, employees are free to learn at their own pace.

This way, they will write down all the needed questions and have only one or two Q&A sessions with their manager in order to tackle the details. Also, as opposed to in-house onboarding sessions, they are free to revise the content whenever they feel the need to.

Save time and resources

Make your onboarding fun and effective

Work from home onboarding

Work from home is here to stay and companies still hire new people to join their teams. So how do you make the onboarding process as smooth and as friendly as it was when you were able to see each other at the office? 

An animated tutorial video or a walkthrough could have the friendly, energetic tone that you need to engage your new employees. You can introduce the team in a fun way and even gamify the whole process to spark their interest and desire to learn more.

Recruiting the new generations

New generations have a huge video culture and surveys show that video platforms are on the rise. Proof of this lies not only with platforms like Tik Tok but also with the way Gen Z understand online interaction and content generation. Basically, video is the best way to engage them and make them feel like the content is natively transferred. In a nutshell, they appreciate the technological advancement of the companies they choose to work for.

Animated videos can use a much more versatile array of techniques to keep the viewers hooked since you can have a large play on scenes and objects. This way you can increase retention and make sure that the information that you want them to remember is better received, even by viewers with much shorter attention spans.

What’s next?

Find out what processes need improving and what is the information that you need to send throughout your company that can save time and resources if put into a video. Whether it’s a tutorial, explainer or walkthrough video, let us know more about your project.

We’ll ask all the details, develop the script, and do our animation magic to make your words come to life in a fun and engaging way.

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