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This is a tutorial video

The handy moving images and text guide your users and ensure that their first experience when using your app is fluid and pleasant. With a guided understanding of your app you increase conversions, reduce drop off rates and keep users engaged.

Good tutorials reduce support requests

With increasingly more complex applications, users need more help getting the hang of new workflows and features. Customer support teams are expensive and their time is consumed by repetitive requests. Video tutorials take on the most common questions and ensure that by the time the user reaches the support team it already has a good education about the product.

I want a handy tutorial

We work with product managers to make walkthrough videos

We draw a path through your app

Our team will put itself in the perspective of a new user. We will bring up more questions than you probably imagined possible. And probably find a few bugs along the way ..

And mix in sound, voice and graphics to make an awesome video

We make tutorials that enchant your users by communicating what’s vital about the app, communicating the genuine experience that the user will have. We use rich graphics that direct attention to key areas of your product.