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In this article, you’ll find out more about the essential qualities of an onboarding tutorial video, the most popular user onboarding methods, and the new screen-to-screen sales reality.

A product owner’s wishes, worries, and solutions

Every product owner wishes that a high percentage of users are successful when adopting the product. Onboarding tutorial videos are a big part of this process and they help prevent users from going for the next-best-thing that might not necessarily be easier to use but simpler to understand.

Here are the most important qualities that such a video should have:

  • It should show the product in a simple way, putting the user in a “this is easy” mindset. If you overcomplicate things then you might lose the interest of your user.
  • Creatively show how your product solves an issue for the user. Engage the user with dynamic scenes that give a targeted and light twist to your product.
  • The video needs to involve the user. It’s a great visual trip into where features are, how they work and the more interactive it is, the more the user will learn during this brief journey.

Sure, there will always be those who will choose to skip and dive right into discovering the product by themselves. But remember: these videos show your product in context and explain complex functions in a simple manner. That is why they have a conversion rate of over 70%.

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To better understand this, check out this quick in-app tutorial that we made for Pipefy:

The product interface is showcased from the user’s point of view, revealing the features that are the most relevant and easiest to adopt.

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There are many user onboarding methods that you can use to achieve higher adoption rates. Two of the most used are:

  • Email onboarding – this is a very used tool that is a critical component for most companies. As you can imagine though, its downside is that users might ignore it or simply not have time to go through the written tutorial inside.
  • Tips & Tours – We’re sure you have at least one app on your phone or laptop that chooses to show pop-ups from time to time to let you know what’s new or how to better optimize your use of the tool at hand.

As an example, check out this short tutorial we made for Orange:

In only 30 seconds it tells the user all they need to know about the app and the way it works.
What we advise is that you should try to integrate video in your user onboarding methods as much as possible. Whether it’s a tutorial or an explainer, it provides a faster learning curve for users and improves retention.

Screen to screen is the new door to door

Remember how a few decades ago sales teams would go from house to house giving product presentations in order to educate the market or drive adoption rates? Well thankfully, now all you need to do to “spread the word” is to make your product tempting enough for your target market.

How? Easy! By speaking their language in a few minutes. Whether you are dealing with a more specialized market or a mass-market, video speaks to everyone.

Check out this short B2B Product Presentation video we made for Heimdal:

Sure, the topic is not the easiest, but the video stays engaging through animation and overlays, visually simplifying an otherwise complicated topic.

So think about it: what would your message be if you’d have to go door to door? What would you say to the few potential customers that DO invite you in? Think of a product presentation video as your door-to-door pitch and it might just lead to a lot more business opportunities than a cold piece of “mail” would produce.

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