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Ramp up your Product Hunt page with video!

Got featured on Product Hunt? An animated explainer video is a short piece of relatable media which brings your product or startup closer to your intended audience. Motion graphics build ATTRACTION. They capture and hold the viewer’s attention better than any other type of media. People remember 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see, but 50% of what they hear and see at the same time!

Great videos connect with their intended audience

You are now ranking high on Product Hunt, but this was just the easy part. Now it’s important to convert the new audience into paying customers or partners. Since user attention span is at a premium, video is the quickest mean to capture the viewer’s awareness. Startups that fail to include it in their strategies will do so at their peril.

I want an awesome video

We're a studio that makes Startup and Product Videos

We spend a lot of time to learn everything about your product

With a background in product management, we spend a lot of time studying your business in order to see what’s cool about it. You can’t make an explainer video without being proficient in what you are explaining. That’s why our storytellers are product and tech oriented and create user-focused scripts. It’s kinda like UX.. for video!

And then we create an awesome video for you to upload to Product Hunt

We make videos that enchant your users by communicating what’s vital about the product, communicating the genuine experience that the user will have. We do that in a very short time through video, images and sound.