2020 Video and Animation Trends That Stick

The video and animation trends in 2020 are here, so let’s find the best-suited one for your product.
Social media platforms encourage the distribution and creation of moving content. This is the type of content that makes users watch and that helps your product’s features stick to their memory. That is why platform adaptations are meant to embrace video, with new app releases and tools designed just for this. Therefore it is quite safe to say that video will continue to dominate the content market in the years to come.

More than that, 94% of users say that people trust less the online pages or websites that display poor web-design. Basically, every branded effort that you make leaves an impression on these digital-savvy generations. So how do you know you are on the right track?

From animated typography to advanced motion graphics, 2020 continues the trends that took the online environment by storm in 2019. Let’s take a look at this year’s trends and how they can make your brand or product stand out:

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1.Maxi Typography

You have a new product or app to showcase and you need a presentation video with a bold twist. This could be just the thing you need to stand out in a crowded market and shift the focus from beautiful graphics to the actual message.

It’s a great way to showcase your amazing product and take full responsibility for your brand’s bold personality. With video animation  can adapt this to work for retail and FMCG products and also for app or website features showcasing.

2.Kinetic Typography

If you really want to get creative in the way you highlight your words, text or voiceover, then Kinetic is the way to go. People love to stretch, twist and distort the letters to create illusions of shapes, light and motion, and turn words into animation.

Bring a static image to life and showcase the facts that are awesome about your product. Create an impactful message that resonates with your audience and enjoy the results, because this approach can range through the full emotional spectrum with just a flip of a word.

3. Story animation

Have you ever wondered why more and more companies choose to go for drawn characters instead of a classical filmed advert? The answer is fairly simple: they immerse the user in the video and enhance relatability and engagement since an animated character automatically promises a story.

This kind of animation does wonders for an app video presentation or for explaining how a product, service or programme works so if you have something like this in mind for 2020, we would definitely recommend this style.

4. Cut out animation

Combine realism with animation and add a new level of dynamism to your storytelling process. This video animation trend will fit a large array of awareness videos and even some educational ones.

Due to its “cold” combinations, it stirs a more powerful set of feelings and it allows the user to focus on the issue. This makes him aware of the action that is needed from him. As long as your brand stands up for a cause and wants the user to be part of that movement, cut out animation would be the recommended way to go in 2020.

5. Animated logos

Just think about it: your brand promotes movement such as a ride-sharing app or a platform that measures your bike, ski or running speed. You want to incorporate motion into every fibre of your product and your logo could be the place to start.

As we move into more unconventional times and as rigidity seems to waiver, small and big brands alike, look towards making their logos stand out more through motion. This type of animation (if done right) helps your logo stick in the user’s memory, so why not get a head start and be an early adopter.

6. App “walkthrough” videos

Your user downloaded and accessed your app, so now what? They seem a bit lost so why not encourage them to instantly understand the app with some quick tutorial videos? Why is your app useful? What’s in it for the user? An animated app preview could help easily highlight the benefits in a fun and engaging way.

Let’s say your app targets Millenials or generation Z. You can highlight their perceived benefits throughout the app or web interface. This not only draws their attention and keeps them engaged, but also guides them through their points of interest in a playful and interactive way.

Oh, and one more thing about app walkthroughs; if done right, they sort out useful downloads from useless downloads. You always want the kind of users that can help you achieve your objectives by taking the right actions within your app, such as generating in-app purchases or consuming specific content.

High user count is not enough. The quality of the users is what matters. They create data you can analyze and use to optimize your app in order to better achieve your goals.

So to recap, here are our recommendations based on this year’s video animation trends:

  • Focus your marketing efforts on video
  • Be open to creative typography proposals
  • As always, allow the trends to work in your favour

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